Angki Purbandono was born in  Semarang in 1971. He studied photography at the Indonesian Institute of Arts and was the co-founder of the Ruang MES 56 Alternative Space in Yogyakarta. Besides important art events such as the CP Biennial and the Industrial Fiesta Cemeti Art House (2007), the artist has participated in several group exhibitions both in Indonesia and abroad.

Angki constantly challenges and re-questions general perceptions in the world of art-photography. One of his interpretations is whether or not a photographer must always use a camera to take a picture of an object. This question led him to the discovery of scanography, in which Angki substitutes the camera with a scanner; a breakthrough discovery which has become his signature style. Angki’s scanned images reveal a combination of small mundane objects that we often see in our daily life against a solid black background. The immense dark space then later accentuates the expressiveness of the objects, drawing the viewers to stare solely at the object. Angki’s scanography technique gained its first major recognition after the exhibition of “Space and Shadows – Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia” at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Germany in 2005. Since the early 2000’s, Angki has participated in many exhibitions – locally and abroad. Purbandono is by all means the upgraded artist. He upgrades his own individual universe at each software being released on the marketplace, he archives memories of the future by decontextualisng invisible and forgotten everyday life objects  that  he appropriates as his own manifesto of Indonesian Digital.

 After the group show Fetish (2007) and Hyperlinks (2010), the artist presented at Biasa Artspace the solo exhibition entitled Happy Scan. Angki Purbandono was the recipient of the Asian Artist Fellowship at Changdong Art Studio, South Korea (2006).


2013 Rehabilitation Program, Narcotic Prison, Yogyakarta

2012 Art Project Gallery, Hong Kong


 2014 The Swimmers-Prison Art Programs, Mizuma Gallery, Singapore

2013 Invisible Cities Hong Kong,  Art Project Gallery, Hong Kong

OVALOVA, Vivi Yip Art Room, Jakarta


2014   Multiple Languages, Curated by Leslie de Chavez & Louise Marcelino, Silverlens, Manila

SHOUT! Indonesian Contemporary Art at MUSEO D’ARTE CONTEMPORANEA ROMA (MACRO), Rome