Arjen Schmitz graduated at the academy of fine arts in Hasselt ( Belgium )

In his commissioned work he’s mainly photographing architecture, landscape and portraits


  • My autonomous work in photography highlights the development and change in space in the broadest sense of the word. This interest originates from my fascination for metropolitan architecture, landscape and the human being moving within. Space is in perpetual motion. Where tradition and development meet, often arises a discrepancy. Enforced by the progressing economic developments old and new sometimes hardly intertwine, they will deviate and ultimately new will prevail, mostly without dialogue or compromise.
  • In my work I focus on project development, architecture and landscape that come into being through economic growth and political decisions that manifest themselves on a megalomaniac scale, because of which attention for living and working comfort – including the housing environment – is reduced to a minimum. The space and the landscape are filled in with almost anonymous mass architecture as a reflection of wealth and development.
  • All my photographs are made with an analogue 8×10 inch camera. Thus I force myself to be contemplative, to observe and to study in what way the filled space presents itself and forces itself upon me. Photographed in monotonous reserved light and desolate green, without drawing too much attention or overemphasizing.



Winner 2013 Panl Award categorie Landscape and the members choice

Third place 2013 World photography organisation WPO categorie Landscape

Finalist at the Dutch So 2014 Award

Finalist of the Barcelona international Photography Award Bipa 2015



  • Galerie 2,5 x 4,5 Amsterdam Netherland 2005
  • Culturel Centre Hasselt Belgium 2004
  • Academie of Art 2x Hasselt  Belgium 2006 / 2010
  • Art Twente Netherland 2005
  • Mercedes Benz Headquaters Maastricht Netherland 2007
  • Gallery BenC  Maastricht Netherland 2008 landscapes and cityscapes
  • Gallery Stevens Maastricht Netherland  2011 nightlandscapes
  • Gallery Stevens Maastricht  Netherland september 2013 Hong Kong   personal places
  • Sommerset house London april may 2013 Hong Kong personal places
  • Epo open air New York 2013 Brooklyn The Fence.
  • Sommerset house London may june 2013 Sygenta Award
  • Slovakia, part of the ‘Month of Photography November 2013.
  • Barcelona international Photography Award Bipa 2015
  • Delhi Photofestival 2015
  • Photofestival Naarden Netherland 2015