Satyajit was born to legendary dancers, Dhananjayan and Shanta Dhananjayan, talent, grace and rhythm ran in his veins. His ascension to the stage was a given, and his success there was expected.

After the applause and bouquets, Satyajit did an about turn to set aside his legacy and pursue his passion: photography. “It was expected of me to be a dancer. I took it for granted. The stage was literally set for me to carry on my parents’ legacy. I was performing a lot, I was doing choreography. But, the camera always fascinated me. I was always interested in photography. At some point I had to make a choice between dance and photography. Almost overnight I decided that the camera held greater appeal.”

For Satyajit there has been no looking back and more importantly, no regrets. He moved to Mumbai to train with noted photographer Iqbal and went from strength to strength. He is currently one of a handful of automobile photographers in the country and the only one in the city.

Despite the drawbacks and competitive market, the talented young man refuses to compromise. “I come with expertise and skill and I restrict my shoots to about once or twice in a couple of months. Quality is what is essential; I am not driven by commercial intentions. Aesthetics come before money,” he says. While automobile photography keeps him busy, Satyajit is also interested in fine art photography. “This enables me to capture the culture and essence of talent and performances,” says Satyajit.