Geraldine Kang lives and works in Singapore. She uses photography as a means to challenge and redefine emotional and intellectual boundaries. Kang’s past work includes a half-nude family portrait series “In the Raw” and a collaborative project on mental health titled “Black as Waves, Half as Light”. She was awarded the Kwek Leng Joo Prize of Excellence in Photography. The artist has exhibited in Singapore, Indonesia and China.
“Of Two Bedrooms” is part of a work about her family. It marks the beginning of her fascination with the color white – color of both Southern Chinese funerary clothing and Singapore’s ruling party. It focuses specifically on the relationships that Kang and her grandmother have with their own bedrooms. Making these images allowed the artist to express and resolve her frustrations regarding a lack of physical and emotional space. According to Kang this is something that is also experienced by a significant number of people living in the dense and competitive urban climate of Singapore.