Lara Tabet is a Lebanese-born photographer and pathologist. She currently lives in Beirut.
Take ten, Rita K. Hillman Gallery, NYC, January-March 2015
Bitumen Photofestival, Lecce, September 2014
Festival Manifesto, Toulouse, September 2014
Unheard Unsaid Untitled, Villa Paradiso, Beirut, in September 2014
Off the wall on the wall ,, Park Ateliers, Arles, July-September 2014
Artist in Exile: Creativity, Activism, and the Diasporic Experience ,, Dr. MT Geoffrey Yeh Art Gallery, New York, April-May 2014
2013-14 -Home Workspace Program with Resident Professors Jalal Toufic and Anton Vidokle
2012-13 – General Studies, International Center of Photography (ICP New York City)
2012 – Workshop with Laurence Leblanc at Ahkal Alwan, Beirut.
2009 – Workshop with KlavdijSluban at International Meetings of Photography in Arles
Journal of Photography weekend portfolio, Quentin Bajac’s selection, July 2013
Journal of Photography weekend portfolio, Agathe Gaillard’s selection, May 2013 Stoughton, India, “Room with a view, glimpses of a city in flux” the daily Star, January 2013
Zalzal Zeina L’orient the day, cultural section, January 13th 2013
Beirut Art Fair exhibition catalog, July 2012
Gemayel, Diala, Focus: four emerging photographers in Lebanon Babel Med 2009
February 2013: Lisette Model Scholarship, International Center of Photography