Pushpamala N

“As artist curator, I have decided not to have a single overarching theme but to have a loose theme for each venue, sometimes site-specific, around which there are group works that resonate with each other. My larger curatorial concept is to ruminate on the nature of photography in a poetic and philosophical way. The provisional title of the Biennale – Fauna of Mirrors – is an old Chinese myth that talks about an alternate universe that exists behind the mirror; another dimension which is home to unknown creatures. I will argue around the myth to see the practice of photography as a mirror reflection of modern life, creating a parallel world of images- familiar yet strange, perhaps friendly and intimate, sometimes mysterious and hostile – but always magical.”


Aishwarya Arumbakkam (India)
Angela Grauerholz (Canada)
Anna Fox (UK)
Armin Linke (Germany)
Arpan Mukherjee (India)
Arun Vijai Mathavan (India)
Balaji Maheshwar (India)
Chan Hyo Bae (Korea)
Cop Shiva (India)
Dayanita Singh (India)
Desire Machine Collective (India)
D. Ravinder Reddy (India)
Gauri Gill (India)
J H Thakker (India)
Kowshik Vasudevan (India)
Liz Fernando (Germany)
Manit Sriwanichpoom (Thailand)

Munem Wasif (Bangladesh)
Nandini Valli Muthiah (India)
Nalini Malani (India)
Navjot Altaf (India)
Pablo Bartholomew (India)
P. Sainath (India)
Putu Sayoga (Indonesia)
Ram Rahman (India)
Raqs Media Collective (India)
Rashid Rana (Pakistan)
Samuel Fosso (Cameroon)
Shadi Ghadirian (Iran)
Sheba Chhachhi (India)
Susanta Mandal (India)
Tejal Shah (India)
Tracey Moffatt (Australia)
Vivan Sundaram (India)