Talkies – A Show and Talk by Balaji Maheswar


Artist statement:


“Tamil Nadu in particular has a very a strong connection between its Cinema and Politics. It is through Cinema that the political ideologies have been propagated to the masses. They’ve been a place for the local community to gather and in a sense have gone to decide the political fate of Tamil Nadu. These movie halls functioned as a place where people could get together with a common purpose of entertainment without the distinction of caste, class, and religion. They were the first democratic space for the locals.

My intentions through these photographs have been entire to document the present and transient state of the once glorious cinema hall. I look at these fading memories with the same fondness and affection as I would at a human being nearing his/her end.”


Important Note:


As a small contribution, CPB Foundation and British Council will be sharing 50% of the proceeds from this event towards Kerala Relief Fund. In this measure, we have ticketed this event at a minimum of Rs. 200, but we request everyone to donate generously at the time of registration so that we are able to collect more for Kerala. A big thank you to British Council India (Chennai) for coming on board to support us with this showcase!


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