Picture Perfect: Make stunning pictures of people

Portraiture is an essential part of every photographer’s evolution. Making pictures of people is an integral part of an aspiring photographer’s journey, be it headshots, weddings, family portraits, fashion shoots, documentaries or simply photographing friends and family. But what makes a good portrait?

Join us for a two day workshop on Portraiture and learn about different types of portraiture, making the best use of ambient and artificial lighting, aesthetics, color and contrast, posture, the right equipment and post processing portraits.

Day1 Morning:


  • Introductions and Expectations
  • What is portraiture
  • Types of Portraits


Day1 Afternoon:


  • Basic equipment for portraiture
  • Composition-dos and donts
  • Ambient Light vs Artificial lighting for portraits


Day2 Morning:


  • Creative Techniques
  • Post Processing for portraiture-Black and White and Color


Day2 Afternoon:


  • Practical
  • Q&A