2016 Team

The Chennai Photo Biennale is a non profit initiative organised by the Goethe-Institut Chennai and Travelling Lens. The first edition of the Photo Biennale is scheduled from Feb 26th to March 13th and promises to offer the strong photographic communities of South India an opportunity to engage with celebrated practitioners from around the world. Through large format exhibitions in public spaces the Chennai Photo Biennale aims to increase awareness amongst art lovers and the general public about the versatility of the photographic art form.

Co-Founder & Director of Goethe-Institut Chennai

Helmut Schippert

Co-Founder & Festival Director

Varun Gupta

Festival Manager

Gayatri Nair

Public Relations Manager

Shuchi Kapoor

Design Philosophy

Radha Rathi

Graphic Design | Installation | Artwork

Viraag Desai

Creative Campaigns

Madhavan P

Programme Coordinator

Geetha Vedaraman


Ami Jangla

Portfolio Reviews

Shannon Zirkle-Prabhakar

Talent Manager

Justine DePenning

Urban Water TA | DPF Exhibit Installation

Karthik S

Urban Water TA | Urban Water Installation

Amrithraj Stephen

Stage Manager

Jocelyne Stahl


Priyanjoli Basu

Website Design


Print Supervision


Curated Projections

Balaji Maheshwar