Date: Tuesday 1st Mar, 2016

Time: 5:00-6:00 pm

Venue: Goethe-Institut, Chennai

Admission: Open to public

Meet India’s legendary documentary and feature filmmaker, Navroze Contractor for an Artist Talk at Chennai Photo Biennale!

For the uninitiated, Navroze has been the cinematographer for many path breaking and award winning feature films. He grew up in Ahmedabad and is one of the biggest contributors to the documentary scene, world wide. His name is attached to legendary films like ‘DUVIDHA’ directed by Mani Kaul, ‘BALAD OF PABU’ by George Luneau (France), ‘DREAMS OF THE DRAGON’S CHILDREN’ (shot entirely in China) by Pierre Hoffmann (Germany), ‘ARE YOU LISTENING’ by Martha Stewart (USA), ‘ALL IN THE FAMILY’ by Ketan Mehta, ‘WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THIS CITY’, ‘THE LEGACY OF MALTHUS’ by Deepa Dhanraj (Winner of Several International Awards) and many more. His first book, THE DREAMS OF THE DRAGON’S CHILDREN has been published by Penguin Books India (2003) and is a ‘must’ read for any travel or film buff.

Presently he contributes to CAR India & BIKE India and every week to BANGALORE MIRROR. He is also part of the Red Roosters Racing International motorcycle team. You just can’t get enough of him! Stay tuned for more details.

See his work here –

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