DATES: FEB 19 – FEB 21, 2016
FEE: 5,700 INR

This workshop series presents an opportunity to reconnect with the roots of the photographic medium and experience the magic of the chemical process.

Led by Chennai based photographer C.P.Satyajit who has has recently re-set his analogue darkroom to revisit this process. This workshop series is meant for enthusiasts and professionals alike and offers participants the unique opportunity to dive into traditional photographic processes from the absolute basics of developing a roll of black and white film, making contact prints and enlargements.

Satyajit will lead the workshop, open to 4-6 participants each. 

Each workshop includes the materials required for participants to go through all the workshop exercises. Additional materials will be made available for participants to practice further. A list of inclusions is mentioned for each workshop.

All classes will be held Satyajit’s studio/Office in Adyar.

The 3 day program will cover the basics of developing Black & White negative film and basic printing from the negatives.

Students will be receive one roll of film and guided on creating a perfect exposure, learn how to develop exposed film and make contact prints as well as enlargements.

The workshop will include group sessions where Satyajit will introduce students to the basic darkroom procedures and processes. This will be followed by hands-on darkroom sessions where participants can explore the process.

Supervision, support and lab assistance will be provided through all the sessions and students may request to use the lab outside class hours to practise.

Topics Covered:
– Exposing correctly for B&W film
– Mixing chemistry and preparing for processing
– Developing times & Agitation
– Fixing & Final washes
– Drying and safe storage of negatives
– Contact printing from negatives
– Selecting a negative from a contact sheet
-Creating a work print – exposure, contrast, dodging, burning

– 2 B&W 15-20 frame rolls (Ilford HP5)
– 2 archival negative storage sleeves
– 10 sheets of Ilford RC Deluxe enlargement paper(8×10)
– All required chemicals and equipment

Day 1
– 9am to 12noon – Lecture & Slideshow – How to see in Black & White. Exposure for B&W film.
– Noon to 3pm – Break for lunch. Go out and shoot one roll.
– 3pm to 4pm – DEMO – Mixing chemistry & loading film for developing.
– 4pm – 7pm – load and develop your rolls of film

Day 2:
– 9am – Sleeve your negatives
– 9:30am – DEMO – Photograms & Contact Printing
– 10:30am to 1pm – Make your own contact prints
– 1pm to 2:30pm – lunch break
– 2:30pm to 4pm – DEMO – Printing & Contrast Control
– 4pm onwards – Go out and shoot your 2nd roll

Day 3:
– 9am to 11am – Develop your 2nd roll of film and work on printing
– 11am – DEMO – Dodging & Burning
– 12 noon onwards – Work on your final print
– 6pm to 7pm – Group gathers with final prints for feedback.


Costs for additional darkroom time & materials:
• INR 700 per b/w film roll (36 exposures)
• INR 200 per sheet of paper (Ilford Multi-grade 8”x10”)
• INR 250 per hour of Darkroom Print time (includes print chemicals)
• INR 150 per hour of Darkroom Developing time (Includes developing chemicals)

[the darkroom is available 24/7, so do block your extra times with reasonable advance notice]


WRITE TO [email protected]
OR CALL  Satyajit on 9884024735