Curated Projections

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MES 56 Collective

Ruang MES 56 is an artist-run-space established in Yogyakarta, Indonesia…

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Tanvi Mishra

All the World’s a Stage…  Photography as a medium has…

mary george curated

Mary George

TENDER Andrew Bruce Alicja Dobrucka Lydia Goldblatt Jannatul Mawa Agatha…

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Yumi Goto & Emmeline Yong

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Ashes by Senthil Kumaran

Environmental Issues in India India makes up 2.4 percent of…

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FF by Pablo Bartholomew

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Indonesian Scene by Yannick Cormier

diego Zapatero – Karolus Naga -mamuk ismuntoro ronyzakaria low romi

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Songs of the Nusantara by Vignes Balasingam

SONGS OF THE NUSANTARA The Nusantara is a geographical state…

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‘Love me Twice Today’ by Ronny Sen

‘Love me twice today’ explores new photographic works done in…