Opening: Feb 26, 6pm, Lalit Kala Akademi 

Duration: Feb 26 – Mar 13 | Open to Public

A curated selection of works from Delhi Photo Festival (2015) will travel to Chennai and will be open to public viewing. Exhibits will include works of the legendary Indian photographers Kishor Parekh and Raghu Rai as well as other emerging international talents such as Sarker Protick (Bangladesh) and Olivier Culman (France).

Participating Artists & the Works

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Raghu Rai,India,The Album,
Kishor Parekh,India,Bangladesh
Arturo Betancourt,Mexico,Perfect Citizen
Angelica Dass,Brazil- Spain,Humane
Emmanuele Satolli,Italy,In the bag for north
Karloin Klüppel,Germany,Mädchenland (Kingdom of Girls)
Verena Andrea Prenner,Austria,Contained
Soham Gupta,India,Angst
Sebastian Forkarth,Germany,Safe Haven
Olivier Culmann,France,The Others
Jeremie Lenoir,France,Borders
Roger Anis,Egypt,Closets full of dreams
Kasper Loftgaard,Denmark,Cowboy Life
Michael Dorst-Hansen,Denmark,Rohingya
Marina Paulenka,Croatia,The Other Home
Felix von der Osten,Germany,The Buffalo that could not dream
Arun Vijai Matheran,India,Urban Montains
Marylise Vigneau,France,Phnom Penh of the Future
Daniella Zalcman,USA,Sunday Soldiers
Arjen Schmitz,Netherlands,The World around Us
Sarker Protick,Bangladesh,Love Me or Kill me
Klaus Pichler,Austria,Just the two of us
Danila Tkachenko,Russia,Restricted Areas