Opening: Mar 1, 2016,  Spaces, Besant Nagar 

Duration: Mar 1 – Mar 13 | Open to Public

Remembering Chandralekha (December 6 1928 – December 13 2006)

A large-format open air photo exhibition spanning 20 years of Chandralekha’s choreographic work.

Legendary dancer/choreographer, Chandralekha, created ten major choreographic works in a period of twenty years, since she returned to performance in 1984, after a long gap of over twenty years. Revitalising her understanding of body and movement by interlacing it with principles from other native physical disciplines like Kalarippayattu and Yoga and rejecting the narrative mainstream, she created an entirely new concern for abstract ideas of space, time, gender, sexuality and erotica.

Her productions like Angika, Lilavati, Prana, Sri, Yantra, Mahakal, Raga, Shloka and Sharira are distinguished by their conceptual complexity, path-breaking choreography and a stunning visual sensibility. Her collective body of work is today considered the yardstick by which Indian contemporary dance is measured.

The present tribute comprises photographs by her close associates, the late artist/ designer/photographer Dashrath Patel and writer/photographer Sadanand Menon. It also includes representative photos from Raghu Rai, Shunk/Kender, Peggy Jarrell-Kaplan, Bernd Merzenich and Abul Kalam Azad. It is interesting to see how the photographers responded to her visual geometry and deep sense of abstraction, setting up an exciting dialogue between the lens and the body.

Curated by Sadanand Menon

Exhibition design by Varun Gupta

Post production by Arun