A note from the moderator, Rahaab Allana:-

It will be interesting to pose some questions about individual developments as well as institutional roles with regard to curation. With the advent of festivals, grants, schools, publications and other platforms catered to photographers/visual artists over the past few years, there are reasons to be optimistic about the future of photography or lens-based media in India. However, in the absence of any significant cultural policy how can we develop further partnerships with private institutions while maintaining the absolute freedom of expression?

There is hence an urgency to examine the state of photography (as a visual art) education. How can we foster a critical discourse on photography and visual culture and is curatorial practice now needed more than ever? Are curators, agents or intermediaries and how does curatorial practice bleed into the popular? As curation has to do with paradigms and isms, as much as with an interest in an audience, how are these binaries being negotiated? Is a curator an importer of value to a work? It would be good to answer some of these questions with respect to certain exhibitions that the speakers have been involved in.