It’s been a trying week to say the least; the unprecedented deluge on December 1st and subsequent flooding crippled Chennai, leaving many of us quite literally sitting in the dark praying for the rain to stop. As the water level rose in some areas to swallow entire streets and ground floors of homes, resilient denizens banded together to provide emergency relief and rescue.

With the city creeping back to normalcy, now is the time for us to collectively reflect on the chain of events that led to this catastrophe. Needless to say, climate change and global warming had a role to play; but the buck clearly does not stop there. In the weeks that follow, as the ‘truth’ emerges and fingers are pointed in all directions, we need to stay strong together and tackle the problem at hand.

The Chennai Photo Biennale is moving this issue to center stage. We invite you all to create awareness by contributing photographs connected to the theme ‘Urban Water’ via email or social media to add to this visual dialogue. The most engaging images will be curated and displayed in a large format exhibition in a public space during the Photo Biennale (Feb 2016).

Submissions are open to photographers from all over the world and need not be restricted to images from Chennai. From camera phones to DSLR shooters we welcome you all. Please tag your images #urbanwater on facebook or Instagram to participate. Alternatively, you may email your best images via 72dpi, 1200 pix (long edge) JPEG files to [email protected] with the subject “#Urban Water by <Your Full Name>

The best images will be regularly published through our social networks. Please remember, in order to submit you must be the creator of the image and will be required to furnish full-resolution images if selected for the exhibition.

The time to act is NOW, submit your images tagged #urbanwater.