Opening: Feb 27, 3pm, Nageshwara Rao Park 

Duration: Feb 27 – Mar 13 | Open to Public

Curated by Chennai-based French photographer Yannick Cormier, the exhibition explores the blurring of reality and poetry through the eyes of internationally renowned photographers. The show will be installed in various parts of the park landscape and will captivate and surprise viewers.

Aitor Lara – Spain

Cristina De Middel – Spain

Denis Dailleux – France

Suresh Punjabi – India

Karolin Klueppel – Germany

Piotr Zbierski – Poland

Zhang Xiao – China

Curator’s Note:

Trends of cultural homogenisation have not obliterated local cultures for various reasons. On one hand, as the imported cultural model can be re-interpreted by the receiving group, it may be combined with the existing culture; this we may think of as syncretisation.  On the other hand, since the spread of a globalised culture can generate a reaction by rejecting it, accompanied by a revival of identity, it becomes a kind of cultural resistance or counter culture.

The intention of this exhibition is to show, through the work of these photographers, a kind of resistance of cultural identity by traditional societies or smaller communities who have not as yet been completely anaesthetised by the modern consumerist world. It is an attempt to glimpse at the mythical attitudes of these groups. But more than myths, these images show people playing with symbols of a culture that is at ease with its traditions and hence can be self-mocking.

“Surrealistic by Nature” evokes the spiritual and the material, fiction and reality, tradition and modernity. These photos are living images that seven photographers have discovered in travel, in social rituals, in religious ceremonies, in cultural fantasies, in popular novels, in personal dreams and more generally in all the games, sacred or ordinary, that distorts identity and appearance.

Finally, to photograph is to believe that life can be a series of poetic moments.