Dates: Feb 29, 10am onwards, Velachery MRTS

Duration: Feb 29 – Mar 13 | Open to Public

Chapter 1: Best In Show 

Winter in India is a busy time for dog enthusiasts and “professional” breeders. Each week thousands travel to compete in dog shows. The breeders spend large sums on importing pedigreed dogs, hiring professional handlers from abroad and flying these dogs to various shows across India.

The average person may consider a dog show to be a glorified beauty pageant for dogs and on the whole a quirky and rather superfluous affair. Dig a little deeper and it becomes fairly evident that, like most sub-cultures, dog shows in India have a rich and long history; the first show was held in India in 1896 and flourished under the patronage of the British colonial elite which led to the modern dog shows in India under the Kennel Club of India.

For participants today, it is a highly competitive game with their reputation and aspirations on the line. There is usually no prize money to be had but breeding a placed dog can lead to large financial returns and many people aspire to be at the top of the dog show world in India.