About CPB

Chennai Photo Biennale was founded by the CPB Foundation and Goethe-Institut, Chennai in 2016 as a public arts initiative in response to the growing interest in photography in India, specifically in Chennai.

The CPB Foundation is a non-profit charitable trust engaged in promoting photographic art, meaningful socio-cultural discussion and educational activities. Active around the year, the Chennai Photo Biennale is its primary activity.

Spread along the length of the city, from the beaches in South Chennai to the fishing villages of the north, CPB aims to extend itself beyond traditional exhibition spaces to public spaces and those parts of Chennai that have remained outside the realm and remit of contemporary cultural activities. Conceived as a city biennale, CPB’s primary goal is to bring Chennai into its fold by engaging different communities and generations through exhibitions, workshops, panel discussions, presentations, mentorships and educational programs. In a globalised world, where the photographic image has transformed from its primary objective of representation, depiction and documentation to becoming a measure of identity and self worth, it becomes imperative to reassess its purpose, its potential and its power to impact the human mind and decision making.

Acutely aware of the dearth of spaces as well as an indifference towards a unified effort in the Southern region to bring visibility to historical and contemporary photography from India and the subcontinent, CPB made its foray in February 2016. As a month long event, the Biennale installed photographic works in train stations, public parks and galleries spread across Central and South Chennai. Along with the exhibitions, the Biennale initiated an important dialogue on environmental, cultural and economic issues through mentorship, presentations and films. This first edition of the Biennale welcomed over 100,000 visitors.

CPB commits to marking Chennai on the International map of photography by

  • Demystifying the different genres of photography for the common man through large scale exhibitions in unexpected public spaces such as fishing harbours, abandoned factories, walking promenades, beaches, temple areas, popular cultural spots and educational institutions
  • Providing exhibition opportunities for Indian and international photographers regardless of class, caste, race, gender, ethnic background or sexual orientation
  • Creating mentorship opportunities and providing scholarships for young photographers and curators
  • Developing workshops with schools and colleges and other marginalised sections of society all through the year to nurture and expand the understanding of photography
  • Exploring the potential of photography by engaging with historical archives and contemporary practices
  • Encouraging meaningful socio-political discussions through talks and symposiums
  • Publishing photobooks in print and electronic formats
  • Disseminating knowledge through screenings of films, thought provoking projections and guided walks that form an integral part of any biennale’s itinerary
  • The 1st edition of CPB was held from 26 February – 13 March, 2016 and the 2nd edition is scheduled from 22 February – 24 March, 2019.
  • Board of trustees

    Varun Gupta

    Managing Trustee
    CPB Foundation / Co-Founder

    Photographer / Entrepreneur / Digital-Ad-Man

    Gayatri Nair

    Founding Trustee


    Shuchi Kapoor

    Founding Trustee

    Photographer / Writer

    Helmut Schippert

    Founding Trustee
    Goethe Institut / Director

    Public Art Advocate

    Sethu Vaidyanathan


    Entrepreneur / Venture Capitalist / Animal Rights Activist

    Board of Advisors


    Managing Director, Evolv Group


    Chairman, TVS Capital Funds


    Former Secretary to Government of India,
    Health & Welfare Department


    Fine-Art Photographer, Former Head of Corporate
    and Marketing Comm., Star TV




    Alkazi Foundation for the Arts


    Writer, Journalist, Cartographer, Historian and Heritage Activist


    Managing Director at Tulsyan NEC Ltd


    Architect, Author, Convenor, INTACH Chennai Chapter


    CEO JWT, South Asia

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