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Chan-Hyo Bae


South Korea

Culture, Prejudice and Stereotypes are explored in the work of Korean Artist Chan-Hyo Bae (Born 1975, Busan, South Korea). Since graduating from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2007, he has expressed in his work the feelings of cultural and emotional estrangement he experienced in the UK. Bae’s work has been shown in many international exhibitions including Kunsthalle Wien, Austria, Museum of Quai Branly, France, Baerum Kunsthall, Norway, Jewish Museum, UK, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea and collected by Museum of Fine Arts, USA, Museum of Photography, Korea, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, USA, Deutsche Bank Collection, UK, Leeum_Samsung Museum of Art, Korea, Statoil Art Collection, Norway.

Artist Statement
We call western people’s fixed notion or a distorted view toward the East ‘Orientalism,’ which originated from the cultural prejudice in the West, and ‘Occidentalism is a comparative notion which makes a contrast with Orientalism. Edward Said formerly criticized that both are nothing but false images that see other cultures from an ethnocentric viewpoint and this tendency has justified the western imperialists’ invasion against the East. From a historical or social point of view, the difference of culture and language has been one of the most important standards that make a distinction between various social classes. Additionally, a war is one of the most significant factors that enable us to grasp the essence of the world history, and the social classes became more differentiated in this ‘weak-to-the-wall kind of society’ caused by the wars. It was the age of imperialism that accelerated this law of the jungle by force in a full scale.

Furthermore, this historical and cultural prejudice caused another prejudice against social positions in capitalist societies, transmitted from generation to generation by education or other social conventions. The prejudice against an Oriental male in the western society has been shown to me as an utmost form such as the feel of alienation or the chaos of identity. In other words, these emotions of mine are related to the prejudice mentioned above and personal worries which is due to it.



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