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3rd Space Lab Collective:
Lalitha Shankar, Shamala Nandesh, Shalini Agrawal and Trena Noval

Hidden Lily collaborator artists G. Craig Hobbs, Shatrughan Thakur and Priyanka Kumari

3rd Space Lab is a collective of artists and designers from Bangalore and the San Francisco Bay Area. Their goal is to create new social pathways and global commons that bridge cultural divides through creative means by creating opportunities to learn from each other’s lived experiences. They engage artists, craft communities, designers and other disciplinary experts in exploring knowledge sharing as creative activity through curated conversations, collaborative projects, public events and exhibitions. They aim to share their work, mutual values and cultural practices to build a new cultural landscape.

Artist Statement
'Hidden Lily’, a video projection mapping performance narrative that tells the story of Social Weavers, a long-term collaborative project with the handloom weaving societies of Gujarat, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka and textile artists Shatrughan Thakur and Priyanka Kumari, (MS University, Baroda). The goal of Social Weavers is to develop a series of 300 hand woven sarees that interpret the landscape as a metaphor of common understanding through imagery we all share, from the night sky, geology, forests and water, inspired by the landscape of both India and California, USA. The unraveled yarn of these sarees, covers the distance from Bangalore to San Francisco creating a metaphorical bridge from one culture to another. Hidden Lily was developed in collaboration with artist and projection mapping specialist G. Craig Hobbs (USA). Using a high luminosity, high definition video projector and specialized software, the story of Hidden Lily will be mapped onto the architectural surface of Government College of Fine Arts in Chennai, to create a dynamic narrative experience for the Chennai Photo Biennale.


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