Architectural Photography -
Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion

Date: Mar 22, 2019
Time: 03:00 pm - 05:00 pm IST
Venue: Hindustan University, Padur, Chennai


CPB2019 and Hindustan University bring together some of the well known names in the architectural photography industry to discuss the need and importance of documentation in architecture, be it new or old. The panelists will also talk about their work and how they shoot, basic practices, processes including
post-processing techniques.

About the Panelists

Bharat Ramamrutham is one of India?s leading Architectural, Interiors, Landscape, and Travel photographers. With a background in architecture and design and an abiding interest in the arts and crafts of India, his work in both the built and natural environments covers landscapes, architecture and interiors, and the documentation of people, places, and traditions all over India.

With a unique blend of style developed through a broad range of artistic and photographic experience and frequent reinvention of his creative approach to his work, Bharath Ramamrutham has created a body of work which has come to exemplify not only the purist approach to the medium, but to many people the definitive pictorial statement on Indian architecture, design and the landscape.

Harshan Thomson has been photographing architectural and interior works across Asia for over 20 years. Being an Architect, Harshan has a keen eye for aesthetics and a deeper understanding of the built space, its proportions, scale, texture and most importantly light. His principle aim is producing honest images while achieving technical excellence in every image. His works have been widely published in a range of architectural and design journals across the world. Harshan is also a partner in Calm Studio, an Architectural design practice based in Chennai.
Having started shooting Architecture using large format 4x5 Sinar and Walker camera systems he is currently working with a digital technical camera system ? Cambo WRS, Schneider Digitar optics, and Mamiya Leaf Credo medium format digital backs, He also uses a full frame 35mm digital camera systems from Canon and Sony with highly resolved tilt-shift lenses. Harshan believes in making the best use of light to enhance architectural forms and materials, ambient light on its own or in combination with fill flash when required. Critical areas that Harshan focuses on for setting up a precision composition are choosing the right focal length, angle, the height of the camera, lens movements for controlling converging lines etc.

Sreenag is an architecture photographer based out of Chennai, working in the industry for the last 14 years.

He's a graduate of Loyola College's Visual Communications program and the third generation in his family to make their living with a camera. His aptitude for photography materialised at an early age and was always encouraged to grow.

Architecture and design has long been a passion of Sreenag's, and this interest and endless hours of reading on the subjects helped him understand the needs of architects, in order to get them the photos they need.

Last year, Sreenag's photo placed a Final Shortlist at the World Architecture Festival, won a Bronze at the Tokyo International Foto Awards and an Honorable Mention at the International Photo Awards.

About the Moderator

Kavitha Selvaraj is a Director at C.R Narayana Rao (CRN) and the founder of CityWorks ? a public space design enterprise.

A Graduate from Harvard University, Kavitha has straddled the world of mainstream architectural practice with a deep interest and passion for the quality of life in cities.

Inclusive planning is a key area of interest. Kavitha believes in citizen engagement to sustain meaningful public space initiatives using unconventional means such as wall art, social media and community events.

She is actively involved with various non-profit organizations and key government agencies to shape the built and natural environment. The current focus is on street design, inclusive parks, and affordable housing. In her role as Director at CRN, Kavitha is involved in a wide range of projects from concept to completion for various building types including large campuses and institutions.

She also teaches in various educational institutions in the city, including IIT Madras, Anna University and MEASI.

We have organised a bus to take the participants to Hindustan University at Padur which will leave at sharp 1:30 pm from the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan in Rutland Gate, Nungambakkam. Please reach by 1:25 pm if you would like to join this bus.

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