Art + Inclusion

Panel Discussion

Date: Jun 22, 2019
Time: 11:00 am - 02:00 pm
Venue: Alliance Française of Madras

Chennai Photo Biennale is excited to present a panel discussion for the Pride month, Art + Inclusion. This is going to be an interesting discussion among a director, activist and artist which is followed by the screening of 'Ladies and Gentlewomen', a Tamil Indian documentary by Malini Jeevarathnam and produced by PA Ranjith. It is about love, life and suicide among lesbians. This movie has received numerous awards in three international 

Film Festivals.


Moderated by Steevez Rodriguez


Steevez Rodriguez is the co-founder of pep collective, creative head at Error Studio. He graduated from Loyola College in visual communication. Post which he went to Speos photographic institute, Paris and Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, Dhaka, where he specialised in documentary photography. He has been inclined towards documenting environmental and peace-related issues and over time it led to the genesis of pep collective. Photographers from various districts have come together in initiating this collective through which each tells visual stories at places where they are based.


About the Panelists:


Chandri Narayanan is an artist from a collective called Aravani Art Project. Her former experience in

working with the community members for several years has been adventurous and experiential. She

currently works with the Aravani Art Project as an artist, researcher and as a project lead.

Aravani Art Project aims to embrace the Transgender Community by creating consciousness, well being through art, awareness and social participation. While the visibility of Transgender people is increasing in popular culture and daily life, they still face severe discrimination, stigma and systemic inequality. With a mission of attempting to reduce this in society, we ARAVANI ART PROJECT bring about change in the way the society views the community. We advocate the idea of reclaiming spaces in the society by creating large wall mural projects to raise awareness and to create a voice for the community. We are actively involved in the everyday lives of some of the people from the transgender community, so that we respect and understand each other's lives, help with their mental health and build a stronger relationship based on friendship and trust.


Jaya has been working for the welfare of MSMs all over Tamilnadu. Even though she is an LGBT activist she has a deep connection with activist movements for Kothis. She has reached impeccable heights right from being a peer educator to becoming the General manager of Sahodaran. She is a follower of Sri.Sunil Menon. C, Founder and Director of Sahodaran has been a pillar of support for upcoming activists, leaders of our sister concerns.


Malini Jeevarathnam is from Queer community. In our misogynistic country, she has faced a lot of social issues and oppression for loudly declaring her sexuality. The way she faces the ruthless and mocking questions of the society with her sarcasm is fascinating to many. This fiery documentary filmmaker and human right activist have won many international awards. She has also worked as an assistant director to Pa.Ranjith for the movie 'Madras', and with Arun Prabhu for his famous movie 'Aruvi'. Her 'Ladies and Gentlewomen',  Tamil's first Lesbian documentary film produced by Pa. Ranjith's Neelam Productions was screened and appreciated in 9 international film festivals.


Trishala is a Diversity Consultant for Periferry, PeriFerry is a social enterprise committed to creating a

truly inclusive world. We provide employment and business opportunities, education and training to the transgender community - in order to 'ferry' them from the fringe to the mainstream. Since our inception, we have collaborated with companies in different sectors. We've helped create allies amongst employees through our LGBTQ sensitization workshops & placement programs.



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