Artist talkPanel Discussion

Date: Jul 28, 2019
Time: 10:00 am - 07:00 pm IST
Venue: Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, Chennai


Are you a photographer with a keen interest to chronicle people, places objects and events? Are you looking for someone to guide you through all there is to know about Documentary Photography. CPB is excited to invite you to a full-day event in collaboration with three acclaimed photographers on Sunday, 28th of July to learn, get reviewed and be a part of a very interesting panel discussion.

Senthil KumaranSelvaprakash Lakshmanan, and Jaisingh Nageswaran desire to tell a story, to leave a legacy; something that tells the truth, larger than the picture itself. The three mentors have dedicated their work over the years into documenting various social and environmental issues and are veterans in their field.

A decade ago, when Senthil Kumaran first witnessed a tiger being tranquilized and documented the rescue operation, he knew there was more to the story. And hence, started his journey of documenting the world of tigers and their co-existence with humankind. He began his research in the Sundarbans, documenting the stories of over 20 victims. Over the years, he has visited and camped at several reserves trying to capture the fragile co-existence between tigers and humans. Senthil believes that a deeper understanding of the consequences of human actions and studying the behaviour patterns of tigers can help in trying to combat this situation. 

Selvaprakash is an exemplary photographer who started his journey in 2008, documenting the clashes between Indian fisher man and the Sri Lankan Navy. The further he travelled along the Coromandel coastline, the more he understood the problems of the fisherman in different parts. His project eventually started concentrating towards the environmental impacts of industrialisation and developments along the shore. From increasing water levels and change in wave patterns to sand erosions and polluted mangroves, Selva aims to bring forth every small detail that has been agglomerating over the years leading to the current pitiful climate crisis. 

Jaisingh Nageswaran began his vocation when he travelled to villages in South India which allowed him to chronicle portraits on rural humans and their lifestyles. His interests lie in issues surrounding human migration, religion, gender, sexuality and social contradictions. Over the years he has concentrated his work on the transgender community. He aims to bring to light more than their societal issues by focusing on their day to day activities. Jaisingh strives to offer alternative insights to counter the common stigmas around discriminated communities.

Photographers with a dedication to investing long periods of time and a zeal to investigate social, cultural, environmental and such subjects are invited to attend artist talks by each of the three mentors and a panel discussion. Join us to hear some exciting stories, meet some interesting people and learn from great minds.

We also invite photographers for a portfolio review who want to learn and improve how to build a photographic documentary by covering a story or creating a series. The review is aimed at committed photographers with a developed and serious approach to their topic. Students and professionals are welcome to apply.


10am - 1pm Portfolio Review (by email application only, follow instructions below) 

2pm - 5pm Artist Talks (open to all, register in the link above)

5pm - 7pm Panel Discussion moderated by Arun Vijai Mathavan (open to all, register in the link above)

Application process for Portfolio Review:

Step 1: Submit 5-10 photographs (less than 2mb each, jpeg) with your bio and a short statement of purpose (English, Tamil), explaining what your series is about. Send all of the above to [email protected] . Email subject line should be "APPLICATION FOR PORTFOLIO REVIEW_(YOUR NAME)" , before July 21st 2019 6 pm.

Step 2: Selected applicants will be required to pay Rs. 200 for the review (online or cash accepted). 

Note for Students: Please send a scanned copy of your student ID along to avail scholarship. (Limited to 3 students)


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