Spotlight with 13 JARA


Date: Nov 17, 2019
Time: 11:00 am - 01:00 pm IST
Venue: Alliance Française of Madras


Zine-making session with 13 JARA collective.

13JARA, a collective form South India is putting together a unique exhibition of images accompanied by a live photo-zine making session. The exhibition is a careful selection of images from the works of each individual member, that is decontextualized and dissolved to form a new body of work, a zine. The collective here becomes the author.

What is the role of a collective in front of strong individual boundaries?
How porous are these boundaries?
How much do we really hold in (do we want this) and how much do we open out for the world?

13JARA has tried answering these questions by removing individual authorship and widening each individual?s boundary to amalgamate them all into a single unitary voice. Strangely here the borders are wide enough to strongly draw the viewer to become a part of this inevitable amalgamation.

The audience will get an opportunity to come to view the exhibition and make their own selection, construct a narrative and take home a copy of their zine. The final product will be a collaboration between each of the viewers (who become do-ers) and 13JARA - where no zine will be the same as the other.

About the Collective

13 JARA are individuals drawn together by the idea of rooting a sustainable system of cooperation in different art practices and identities. The number 13, as well as the actual number of people involved each time, is arbitrary, as no collective can be called so without a complex whole of interconnected and transformative acts. 13 JARA is a group of storytellers, photographers, editors, designers and a self-publishing house of photobooks, with the idea of mentoring and supporting each other, sharing opinions and knowledge.
13 JARA also aims to be a reference point in South India, and further in the region, collaborating with different entities that share the same resistance to today?s conflicted world.

For further queries, contact +91 6383 135 139


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