Building a stronger creative business (Amrita Samant + Joshua Karthik)


Date: Jan 13-13, 2020
Time: 06:30 pm - 08:30 pm IST
Venue: Studio A By Amar Ramesh 2, PS Siva Swamy Rd, Luz, Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600004


In this 90 minute talk, entrepreneurs Amrita Samant (founder, Mommy Shots by Amrita) and Joshua Karthik (Co-founder, Stories By Joseph Radhik) discuss issues relevant to starting up a creative service business in India. 

Duration: 90 minutes, with 15 minutes QnA 

Topics Covered:
  1. Starting up: knowing when to begin 
  2. Creating a product
  3. Packaging a product for sale 
  4. Setting and holding a price
  5. Competition, impact on price: how to read this 
  6. Improving your product
  7. Marketing and social media 

All this, and more, including non-obvious challenges faced by these founders in starting up their businesses will be up for discussion. Open forum QnA will follow. 

About Mommy Shots by Amrita:  

With 1100 shoots done over the last five years, Mommy Shots by Amrita is a powerful brand in the space of baby photography, with shoots across India, Singapore and Dubai this far. In this information packed talk, founder Amrita Samant tracks her journey from idea to identity in a space she's made entirely her own. 

About Stories by Joseph Radhik:

India's best known wedding photography brand, Stories has completed seven years in this space, with over 400 shoots in 28 countries around the world, and with nearly 100 international awards won this far. Co-founder Joshua Karthik speaks of business decisions, challenges and strategies used to take his company global.

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