Photography Exhibition by Madras Art Guild and CPB Foundation


Date: Jan 24-Feb 24, 2020
Time: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm IST
Venue: VR, Anna Nagar, Chennai


CPB in partnership with Madras Art Guild is conducting a unique exhibition showcasing the works of the students who were a part of the Chennai Photo Biennale Residential Photocamp held in Injambakkam on Feb 19-20, 2020. 

The objective of this workshop was to talk about climate change sustainability through visual story-telling. The students were introduced to topics of climate change, global warming in the context of our city, Chennai and encouraged to make images that could inform the audience about it. 

The exhibition comprises of these images, made at Injambakkam as well as Pallikaranai to shine a light on how we as residents of this city - are both affecting and being affected by climate change.

From the Photocapmp Residents

?It was a very challenging and daunting task to visually represent the topic of sustainability and climate change but I think the students have really managed to do a great job!?
Gayatri Nair - Co-founder of Chennai Photo Biennale and also one of the mentors for this workshop

?In the two-day CPB Photocamp, I learnt photography and how the earth is getting polluted and my role in keeping it clean.? Participant M Varshini, 13-years, Tiruvottiyur Middle School, Ramanathapuram

?During the CPB Photocamp, I learnt how to take different types of photos with different angles. I also visited different places and learnt about air pollution, water pollution, recycling, and climate change.? Participant Sachin is a thirteen year old living in Palavakkam, Chennai. 

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