A talk on ETHICS AND CHALLENGES ON THE FIELD Documenting the COVID-19 crisis

Date: Apr 03, 2020
Time: 04:00 pm - 05:00 pm IST
Venue: Online Session, via Zoom


In times of crisis and social distancing, photographers and photojournalists are putting themselves at risk to share documentation and stories from the field. 

Join us for an online session with photographer Prashanth Vishwanathan where he shares his personal experiences on documenting the current COVID-19 crisis. He will also talk about the challenges on the ground and the ethics that need to be kept in mind, the social responsibility and guidelines to follow while covering a pandemic situation. 

How to attend the Webinar?

  • Webinar will be via Zoom. Download the Zoom desktop app or mobile app from here -
  • One day prior, all registered participants will get the link in the email to join the webinar.  

About the Presenter: 

Prashanth Viswanathan is a visual communicator, working in the development sector and on news and assignment stories from all across India. He has worked professionally in this field since 2006. His experience varies from working for newswires (Reuters, Bloomberg, Getty), newspapers (New York Times, International Herald Tribune, The National), magazines, ( Forbes, Businessweek, Time, Newsweek), non-government organizations (UNDP, UNICEF, Save The Children, International Labour Organization, Action Aid), and other feature agencies. 

Currently, the focus of his work is on documentary filmmaking and photography. He co-runs a production agency JDot Productions, directing films for corporate social responsibility, international non-government agencies and news media. Social media communication and dissemination form an integral part of his work.

Read more about Prashanth here and you can follow his work on Instagram

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