The way we see water

Online Program

Date: May 16, 2020
Time: 05:00 pm - 06:30 pm IST


Water - hope, magnificence, survival. Our next In- conversation-with series brings together photographers from different cultures and backgrounds to share their work and perspectives on water. They will talk about their photographic journey and the relationship of their images with water. 

In conversation with:
Anshika Varma | India
Deepti Asthana | India
Gareth Philips | Wales
Karolin Kl?ppel | Germany
Manjari Sharma | USA
Nida Mehboob | Pakistan
Naveen Gowtham | India
Prasiit Sthapit | Nepal
Ritesh Uttamchandani | India

This session will be an interactive format and the audience will get an opportunity to present one image from their works on bodies of water and share their thoughts about it. 

  • Panellists will present / discuss their works
  • Selected participants to show one image and share their thoughts about it. 
  • Q&A Session

If you wish to present your image during the session, please send us your full name and the image around the theme Water and a short text with the work to [email protected] 

How to Join?
  • Registration required. To register for the talk, click the URL - You will receive the link to join the session via email. 
  • If this is your first Zoom session, you will be required to download the Zoom desktop app or mobile app from here - before joining the talk. 
Follow the works of the panelists on their social media channels. 

Anshika Varma - @anshikavarma
Deepti Asthana  - @deeptiasthana
Gareth Philips - @garethphillips_
Karolin Kl?ppel - @karolinklueppel
Manjari Sharma - @manjee
Naveen Gowtham - @naveengowtham
Nida Mehboob - @nidaa.mehboob
Prasiit Sthapit - @prasiitsthapit
Ritesh Uttamchandani -@riteshuttamchandani

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