Arko Datto in conversation with Damarice Amao

Date: Jun 13, 2020
Time: 03:00 pm - 04:30 pm IST
Venue: Zoom


Chennai Photo Biennale in collaboration with Institut Francais will be presenting a series of virtual engagements with French and Indian artists, curators, heads of museums and galleries. These cross-cultural, knowledge-sharing dialogues amongst international curators and practitioners aim to bring us to intersections of global art practices and themes that are reevaluating the meaning and disposition of lens based art in contemporary contexts.???

We kick off the series with a discussion between Photo artist and CPB Edition III Co-curator - Arko Datto and Damarice Amao - Assistant curator, Department of photography, Mus?e national d?art moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris surrounding photographic practices and curation in the current times.?

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Meet your Panellists

Arko Datto, Photo artist and CPB Edition III Co-curator | IND

Arko Datto?s aim with photography is to question what it means to be a photographer in the digital age while simultaneously playing the role of observer and commentator on critical issues. He pursues narratives on seemingly disparate topics- forced migration, techno-fascism, surveillance in the digital panopticon, disappearing islands, nocturnal realms and psychosomatic stress of captive animals to name a few. Although every narrative he explores is separate and different from the next, together they form threads of inquiry into the existential dilemmas of our times.

By incorporating and developing diverse visual languages, narratives and styles, he wants to push the boundaries of both still and moving images. He was on his way to a doctorate in theoretical sciences before he decided to change course. Apart from working on his own visual projects, he? also enjoys curating the works of others and has been associated with Kochi Biennale, Obscura Photography Festival and Chennai Photo Biennale in this regard.

He is currently represented by East Wing Gallery.?He was the awardee of the Spring-Summer 2020 Camargo Core residency Program.?

Damarice Amao, Assistant curator, Photography Dept., MNAM-Centre Pompidou | FRA

Damarice AMAO is an art historian (PhD) and the Assistant curator of photography at the Centre Pompidou, Mus?e national d?art moderne, Paris. She specialized in twentieth avant-garde European photography and has curated numerous exhibitions with accompanying catalogues including Jacques-Andr? Boiffard (2014), Eli Lotar (2017), Photographie, arme de classe [Photography, as a class weapon](2018) and Dora Maar (2019).

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