Collaborative practices in Photography - A conversation with Photography Collectives in India

Panel Discussion

Date: Aug 08-08, 2020
Time: 04:00 pm - 06:00 pm IST


Join us for this discussion with members from various photography collectives spread across India as they share how being a part of a collective has contributed to their artistic process. The panellists will give us insights on their vision, visual practises and share more details about their Collective?s? journey.


1/ Amirtharaj Stephen - pepcollective

2/ Debasish Borah - Farside Collective?

3/ Indu Antony - K??ike Studio?

4/ Mridu Rai - The Confluence Collective

5/ Nathaniel Brunt - Kashmir Photo Collective?

6/ Prakash Bhuyan - Northeast Lightbox

To join the Panel:

About the Collectives:

  • Farside Collective

Farside Collective is an artist-run project space based in Leh, the higher Himalayan region of North India. We are independent micro-publishers; editing, producing, curating and distributing independent artist books & zines. Focussing on photography and allied contemporary means of storytelling, notions like memory, borders, migration, displacement and the mundane are topics at the heart of Farside?s work.We also run an art-book store and a photo-lab from Leh.?

Since 2015, we are hosting artist residencies, talks, workshops and similar events in Leh. We have exhibited our works across India, Korea, Czech Republic, Russia, France, UAE & USA. Farside Collective is the co-founder of Art Book Depot, India?s first independently organised Art Book festival with inaugural event in Jaipur, January 2020.?


  • Debasish Borah

  • H?l?ne Th?bault

More details here

  • K??ike Studios

K??ike is a collective of four artists which is also a space that becomes a breeding ground of ideas not just for us but also to build a community of people.


  • Aparna Nori - From Andhra Pradesh based out of Bangalore

  • Indu Antony - From Kerala based out of Bangalore

  • Krishanu Chatterjee - From Kolkata based out of Bangalore

  • Vivek Muthuramalingam - From Bangalore.

More details here

  • Kashmir Photo Collective (KPC)

Kashmir Photo Collective (KPC) is an accessible digital resource of endangered photographs and related historical material that preserve, visualize, and diversify histories of the Kashmir Valley. Founded in 2014, KPC has archived numerous private collections with the generous commitment of individuals, families, photo studios, photographers as well as institutions. Our network of artists, scholars, media professionals and educators work individually and collaboratively on projects that take a variety of forms - such as scholarship, exhibitions, and curricula - through which KPC aims to make its work more accessible to the public each year.


  • Alisha Sett

  • Shafat Farooq

  • Nathaniel Brunt

More details here

  • Northeast Lightbox

Northeast India is one of the most diverse regions in the country when it comes to ethnicity, language, and culture.? Due to its history of political unrest and the cultural, ethnographical diversities complemented by the wilderness of the region, there is a reductive portrayal of this region in popular media.? Consequences of such misrepresentation skewed with a biased gaze of exoticism and sensationalization can be seen right down to policymaking and insensitive attitude towards the people of the region.

Born as a direct response to this reality, Northeast Lightbox is a collective of visual artists that aims to challenge the prevalent stereotypes by exploring narratives that present an alternate, nuanced understanding of this region. While doing so, Northeast Lightbox also seeks to enable voices from within the region and provide them with a platform to put forward a contextual portrayal of their culture and heritage.


  • Prakash Bhuyan, Majuli (Assam)

  • Hrishikesh Chowdhury, Guwahati (Assam)

  • Devadeep Gupta, Tinsukia/Weimar (Assam/Germany)

More details here

  • pepcollective

Photographers for Environment and Peace Collective (#pepcollective) is a volunteer collective of photographers and filmmakers based in Tamil Nadu, India. Formed in January 2017 with an idea to collaborate, learn, educate, experiment and document through visual narratives? of the ongoing social and environmental issues in India. The photographers of the collective brings a rich experience of visual documentation process by working with various grass root movements in Tamil Nadu for over a decade.

Volunteer members of Pepcollective





Arun Vijay?

















More details here

  • The Confluence Collective

The Confluence Collective is a collaboration of photographers and research scholars from Sikkim and Darjeeling Hills. Through a combined method of visual arts and research writing, our objective is to produce narratives through the lens of the people manifested in the everyday spaces of the region. The Collective hopes to build a strong collaborative platform fostering a culture of knowledge production and sharing from the margins.?

We have recently initiated a visual archive programme, where we digitise, catalogue and preserve old family photographs, which will be made accessible for academic, institutional and independent research and practitioners of the region.?

We also conduct regular workshops and learning programmes for photographers from the region, and have conducted two Introduction to Visual Storytelling workshops in collaboration with Kathmandu in the past. We hope to create more public engagements in the future through publications, exhibitions and other interactive mediums.?

The name Confluence comes from the meeting point of the rivers Rangeet and Teesta at a place called Triveni. Rangeet is a tributary of Teesta, which originates in the Eastern Himalayas and flows through Sikkim before meeting at Triveni. From then on it flows through West Bengal to finally enter Bangladesh where it finally meets the Bramhaputra. Sikkim and Darjeeling Hills have a shared history and culture as the latter region was a part of Sikkim before it was annexed by the British Indian empire in the nineteenth century.?


Dipti Tamang, research scholar (Darjeeling)

Mridu Rai, independent curator, researcher, writer (Namchi, Sikkim)

Praveen Chhetri, photographer (Kalimpong)

Yawan Rai, photographer (Gangtok, Sikkim)

Kunga Tashi, photographer (Gangtok, Sikkim)

Shivam Darnal, photographer (Darjeeling)

Aswin Darnal, photographer (Kalimpong)

Brihat Rai, photographer (Kalimpong)

More details here



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