The Withering Libraries

Date: Aug 13, 2020
Time: 04:00 pm - 06:00 pm IST
Venue: Zoom


A discourse on the shared histories of the reading spaces in India and Pakistan through the documentary practices of Chirodeep Chaudhuri and Farooq Soomroo, moderated by Rishi Singhal.


Chirodeep Chaudhuri, Photographer

Farooq Soomro, Photographer & Archivist


Rishi Singhal, Discipline Lead, Photography Design, NID

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Chirodeep Chaudhuri, Photographer - @chirodeepchaudhuri 

Chirodeep Chaudhuri is the author of the critically feted book ?A Village In Bengal: Photographs and an Essay?, a result of his 13-year long engagement with his ancestral village in West Bengal and his family?s nearly two century old tradition of the Durga Puja.

Chirodeep?s work documents the urban landscape and he has often been referred to as the ?chronicler of Bombay?. During his career he has produced diverse documents of his home city in a range of projects like ?Seeing Time: Public Clocks of Bombay?, ?The One-Rupee Entrepreneur?, ?The Commuters?, ?In the city, a library? among others.

He lives in Bombay and divides his time between his assignments, projects, teaching commitments and chasing photographs of subjects as diverse as abandoned helmets and airport smoking rooms. 

Farooq Soomro, Photographer & Archivist - @thekarachiwalla

Farooq Soomro is a quintessential Karachi denizen who documents life in Karachi. He is the man behind "The Karachi Walla", where he has been archiving the city for the past ten years. His work has been featured on The Guardian and Herald. He has contributed to Dawn, Express Tribune and and has exhibited at The International Public Art Festival (IPAF), Indus Valley School (IVS) Gallery and Creative Karachi Festival. He collects vinyl records.

Rishi Singhal, Discipline Lead, Photography Design, NID

Rishi Singhal is a photographer and an academician based in Gandhinagar, India. He has received his education from the Centre for Environmental Planning & Technology (Ahmedabad), Visual Studies Workshop (Rochester), and the College of Visual & Performing Arts at Syracuse University. Currently he is leading the masters programme in Photography Design at the National Institute of Design, India. 

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