10x10 #INSTAsalon

Date: Oct 16, 2020
Time: 07:30 pm IST
Venue: Instagram


In our first collaboration with @10x10photobooks we are excited to bring to you an INSTAlive conversation between artist Omar Khan and Esa Epstein - Director, sepiaEYE on Paper Jewels - the story of postcards during the Raj and the first book on the subject by Omar. It uncovers such gems as the early postcards of the great Indian painter M. V. Dhurandhar and the Ravi Varma Press in Mumbai, the exceptional work of an early Austrian lithographer in Kolkata, a British photographer in Peshawar, and Indian studios in Jaipur, Kashmir, Delhi, Lahore, Madras, Karachi and elsewhere. 

Omar Khan will be taking over from @chennaiphotobiennale and Esa Epstein will be joining from @10x10photobooks instagram handle about the makings of the book.


Omar Khan 

Omar Khan grew up in Vienna, Austria and Islamabad, Pakistan and is a graduate of Dartmouth, Columbia and Stanford universities. His books are Paper Jewels Postcards from the Raj (2018) and From Kashmir to Kabul: The Photographs of John Burke and William Baker 1860-1900 (2002). A collector of early media from the subcontinent for over 30 years, he founded in 1995, and is Chief Technology Officer at Common Sense Media in San Francisco.   

Esa Epstein 

Esa Epstein is an archivist, curator, and director of sepiaEYE gallery (2009-present). sepiaEYE is dedicated to showing a spectrum of modern and contemporary lens based work, predominantly from Asia. She has curated over 150 exhibitions International.

sepiaEYE artists have gained critical acclaim and international recognition, and their works are included in the collections of major European and US museums and private collections. Epstein has published eight titles on modern and contemporary photography. 

Formerly the Executive Director of Sepia International and The Alkazi Collection (1995-2009), Epstein has established a premier collection of Indian photography and, along the way, has offered her expertise to over 50 collections of world renown, both private and public.

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