Cyanotype - An introduction to alternate photography techniques


Date: Mar 20-20, 2021
Time: 10:00 am - 04:00 pm IST
Venue: CPB Foundation, Adyar


Cyanotype printing, which involves developing prints by exposing material to the sun, is one of the most accessible alternative photographic processes. Initially in the 20th century, the process was used by architects and engineers to create copies of their notes, drafts and drawings to create what is known as ‘blueprints’. 

The ‘photogram’ process entered the world of photography when Anna Atkins began to document plants. Now the low cost process of printing cyanotype images has built its identity of being an artform, an alternative photographic process and a way to create personal and historic archives.  

The Learning Lab is hosting the second batch of Cyanotype workshop this summer! In this workshop we are exploring the chemistry of blueprints and the power of the sun with Mentor, Varun Gupta. He will walk you through the process of printing - from mixing of chemicals, coating of surfaces to exposure times. You will learn to make your own prints, photographs and photograms using objects like feathers, leaves, and any other found object and explore how to create unique pieces of art with almost anything under the sun. 

This workshop includes:



Ages 15+ only. Prior knowledge of photography or printing is not required. 

You are invited to share 1-2 photographs that you wish to print via cyanotype process, we will generate a negative for you to work with. Please write to [email protected] once you have completed payment to send us the files along with a booking confirmation. 

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