'Initiation to Book Making' with Yumi Goto


Date: Feb 18-21, 2019
Time: 10:00 am - 05:00 pm IST
Venue: The Grid


Learn how to create your own book with Yumi Goto from Japan
Yumi Goto is the co-founder and curator of the Reminders Photography Stronghold - a curated membership gallery space in Tokyo that enables a wide range of photographic activities. And now she will be here in Chennai to mentor you!

As a photographer or a photo artist, you may have always wished to see your work in the form of a book. Here?s a chance to learn the art of Japanese bookmaking!

Yumi will be guiding participants with the preliminary editing and sequencing process as well as the conceptualization of your book. She will be assisted by specialist book-binder Kenji Chiga, who will demonstrate 3 different styles of bookbinding. Together, they will teach you some incredible techniques during this workshop.

This is an excellent opportunity for those of you who have long term bodies of work and are looking to put together your own photo book. Apply right away to be able to grab your seat while it lasts.

More about the Artists:
Yumi Goto is an independent photography curator, editor, researcher, consultant, educator, and publisher who focuses on the development of cultural exchanges that transcend borders. She collaborates with local and international artists who live and work in areas affected by conflict, natural disasters, current social problems, human rights abuses, and women?s issues. She often works with human rights advocates, international and local NGOs, humanitarian organizations and is also involved as a nominator and juror at various international photographic organizations, festivals, and events.

Kenji Chiga was born in 1982, in Shiga Prefecture Kenji Chiga and graduated from Osaka University. He then moved to Tokyo to work as an assistant to a fashion photographer. Subsequently, he participated in various workshops and mastered how to create works with a documentary touch and make a photo book. Kenji Chiga has been shortlisted for the Kassel Dummy Award, with his creations ?happn? and ?Bird, Night, and then?. In 2018, he exhibited at Breda Photo Festival, the Center for Contemporary Photography in Melbourne and the Reminders Photography Stronghold in Tokyo.

Note: This workshop is for those who have a long term body of work or singles that abide by a particular theme. Participants will be required to bring their work as 4x6 prints.

Max. group size: 10

CPB offers 2 student scholarships to deserving candidates. Please write to [email protected] and tell us why you want to attend. Please attach your student id and one body of work.

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