'Photojournalism and Visual Storytelling' with Dimitri Beck


Date: Feb 18-21, 2019
Time: 10:00 am - 05:00 pm IST
Venue: Alliance Française of Madras


Dimitri Beck?s workshop will address the professional know-how needed to accurately show and reflect realities through photography. In today?s world where the tremendous progress of technology is giving priority to the rapidity of the transmission of images rather than the absolute and sacred requirement of their authenticity, the input of photo professionals, their ethics, and rigour are a must.

Join Dimitri as he shares with you the key to understanding photojournalism and tells you how to develop the different steps of a reportage: from finding an idea, pitching, producing and selling it.

Dimitri Beck is the director of photography of the Paris-based photojournalism magazine and gallery, Polka. He has been instrumental in setting up new ventures and has created many new projects in order to bring photojournalism to the foreground of the world?s arena.

Workshop Schedule:

Day 1
An Introduction to Dimitri Beck and his work
About the different steps of reportage
How to find a story and depict it through your subjects/ ideas

Day 2
How to choose the visual approach to tell your story (portrait, reportage style or documentary photography)
How to write a synopsis

Day 3
How to edit and produce the story
How to work on the field: Dimitri will take the participants to a location where he will give them a short assignment.

Day 4
Review of the assignment given on the previous day
How to write captions for images
How to sell stories and your work

All participants must have prior knowledge of photography and should have atleast one story that they can share in class. (20 images per story- these need not be edited) Please bring your work on a pen drive along with a synopsis of your story.

Max no. of participants: 15

Student Scholarships

CPB offers 2 student scholarships to deserving candidates. Please write to [email protected] and tell us why you want to attend. Please attach your student id and one body of work.


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