'The SmartER Mobile Photographer' with Amar Ramesh


Date: Mar 22, 2019
Time: 04:00 pm - 06:00 pm IST
Venue: Studio A, Chennai


Today almost everyone carries a camera in his or her pocket. Yes, we are talking about mobile phones that have taken the photography world by storm. The first camera phones were released in the early 2000s with a storage capacity of only 20 photos, with a resolution of 0.11 - 0.35 megapixels. Fast forward to 2019, here we are talking about dual camera setups, super-fast auto-focus, low-light functionality, optical image stabilization, slow motion, 1080p/4K resolution, unlimited storage and what not? The advent of smartphones in photography has been humongous, and the merits of are set to skyrocket in the coming years. Earlier it used to be just the candid shots on the go that the mobile cameras came in handy, but today, we have ad campaigns, wedding films, and even feature films shot in mobile phones. The power of mobile photography is vast, and all of us have experienced the scratch of it. As photographers and storytellers and common people, we all have different purposes to use mobile phones for photography. On all the fronts, are you making the best use of the powerful camera you have in our pockets? What if you can learn a little more that will take your mobile photography skills to the next level? What if you can become a pro in mobile photography and capture stunning images with impeccable quality?

Vision + Technique = AMAZING pictures.

We will be seeing both of it. From simple things like keeping your lens clean to advanced things like lighting and composition, we will walk you through everything you need to get better. We will see examples and by the end of this talk, your knowledge on mobile photography will be upgraded and you will be able to capture moments in a more brilliant way that will leave the viewers in awe.

About the Artist:

Hello, I am Amar Ramesh
Photographer, Traveller and Speaker

? I believe in the magic of the universe and abide to it more than anything else. ?
Right from the moment I left my safe software career to pursue my dream of becoming a photographer; there has been endless dots that have connected themselves to lead to what I am today. An entrepreneur by choice and a wanderer by nature, I have been fortunate enough to find a purpose in my passion and make many like-minded friends along the way. I haven?t travelled across the whole of Tamil Nadu yet, I haven?t documented all of India?s priceless heritage sites and I haven?t been on a road trip to every part of the world. But I want to. If you are one who nods with the same intensity, then let?s catch up. I love collaborating and creating memories. Proud to be a memory maker! 

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