A Storytrails Photowalk - Colonial Madras


Date: Mar 10, 2019
Time: 06:30 am - 09:00 am IST
Venue: Light House,Marina Beach


Storytrails and Chennai Photo Biennale present ?Colonial Madras?

Set along the Marina, this walk takes photography enthusiasts through stories of Colonial Madras from the Lighthouse to the Senate house. What was Madras like back then? How did the arrival of the British change our lives? And what have they left behind? All the stories are played from the newly launched Storytrails Audio Tours mobile app. This app brings award-winning tours to your mobile device. The app is location-aware, triggering stories based on where you are, and providing navigational support. You can enjoy the stories at your pace, and browse through our photo gallery full of sample illustrations and photos for each story. Once the app has been downloaded, it works without internet connectivity. The Storytrails Audio Tours App is available only on the Android platform at present.

Photographers from the Chennai Photo Biennale will be hosting this walk, giving participants advice on how to take the best pictures of the sights they see. So besides hearing amazing stories about the city, participants will also get to take great pictures.

About Storytrails
Storytrails is an organization that designs story-based walking tours and experiences. Unlike sightseeing tours, these curated trails focus on stories behind everyday sights and are an attempt to showcase the local way of life to visitors. Tripadvisor ranks Storytrails as the No.1 tour in Chennai and Pondicherry.

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