'Epson Print Academy' with Inspire Madras


Date: Mar 22-24, 2019
Time: 10:00 am - 05:00 pm IST
Venue: East Coast at Madras Square, Chennai


INSPIRE MADRAS at the Madras Square
Inspire Madras is a collective effort by a group of experienced Photographers to enthuse photographers and visual artists in Chennai. Madras Square is seen as a melting pot for those interested in improving their knowledge and practice or willing to share their experiences in the field. Our skill set includes a wide gamut of photographic technologies and we would love to assist aspiring artists who walk into our vibrant space encouraging them to leave with more information, confidence and spirit.

We are equipped with a state of the art Print studio featuring current generation Epson Printers, a daylight photographic studio, a gallery space, and a fully functional classroom. Other activities we conduct to inspire artists are periodical presentations/shows/lecture demos/talks with presentations.

About The Workshop:
It is always wonderful to see images made by artists on a screen, but they actually come to life when you print them. Here?s your chance to learn how to make your own high-quality prints using Epson printers.

This workshop on printing will focus mainly on color management and building a file for a fine print using Epson media.?Join the team at Inspire Madras as they show you how to get it right every time.

Day 1?
Discussion on how to deal with display devices like monitors, projectors, iPads, mobile phones and their inherently built qualities color accuracies/need for calibration and profiling. Demonstration on Digital camera profiles with a studio set up and how proper colors can be achieved photographically.

The afternoon session is a practical session for those who wish to practice profiling their displays for color accuracy and generating digital camera profiles.

Day 2?
Introduction and demonstration of Epson media - discussion on camera profiles, color gamuts, and Gamut Volume and Inksets

Talk on history of printing, followed by a discussion on analog and digital photography. The fundamentals of this marriage of Paper and Ink along with other concepts such as white point, black point, mid-tone luminosity, tonal contrast will all be reviewed. Discussion of choice of ideal paper for an image will follow.

Day 3
Participants will be permitted to print two images each which they will have to construct, soft proof, check gamut volume, run the Epson printer driver and print. This can be put up on display. This practice will be followed by an extensive Q & A session

Qualification for the workshop
No prior qualification or experience is needed and is ideal for photographers, visual artists and those who are conversant with imaging software such as Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Illustrator.



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