Wedding Photography

Panel Discussion

Date: Oct 26, 2018
Time: 06:00 pm IST
Venue: American International School, Chennai.


Meet Chennai?s most talented Wedding Photographers who have travelled across the world and shot a variety of weddings. Join us as they get together for a moderated discussion on insights and experiences related to Wedding Photography and get some ideas on what can actually make you stand apart as a wedding photographer.

About our Panelists:

Amar Ramesh has truly mastered the art of capturing beautiful moments amidst the chaos of Indian Weddings. With his talent to make every image look spectacular, it didn?t take him long to set up Studio A, a creative wedding photography firm. He has shot over 300 weddings across the world and is one of Chennai?s most popular wedding photographers today.

Shannon Zirkle is a skilled photojournalist who has applied her artistic and photographic talents to wedding photography. When it comes to shooting weddings, she always looks for the stories and incidentals many photographers miss. The shy flower girl; the happy but tearful woman who cheers for her son, the quiet eyes of a father parting from his daughter. These are the kinds of stories Shannon tells through her camera.

K L Raja Ponsing quit his banking career at a very early stage to become a full-time professional wedding photographer. With his incredible mentorship abilities, he had a huge number of students wanting to learn photography under him and he opened an institute in no time (Ambitions 4 photography Academy), has trained more than 5000 photographers, specializing in weddings and in other fields.

Vinay Aravind loves taking pictures, particularly of people, and weddings give him the opportunity to capture an incredible variety of expressions and a truly staggering range of emotions. He believes that being a wedding photographer in India is particularly exciting because of the myriad settings and visual elements that you tend to encounter.

Join us for an engaging discussion!

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