CPB at India Art Fair 2020

Chennai Photo Biennale is making its debut at the India Art Fair this year along with some of the most reputed names in art, and other leading galleries and festivals in the country. Come and visit us at the12th edition of IAF at the NSIC Grounds in New Delhi from 30 January ? 2 February 2020. We are at W01. Do come by and meet us!

IAF 2020: Showcasing over 75 galleries and institutions from around the world, the India Art Fair brings together galleries, artists, private foundations, arts charities, artists? collectives, national institutions, cultural events and festivals. The fair aims to facilitate both local and international audiences to engage with the cultural history and development of the South Asian region.

Existing in Costume | 2005 - 2007

Gender, culture, isolation, prejudice, and stereotypes are explored in Korean photographer Chan-Hyo Bae?s work Existing in Costume - a reaction to distorted views around Eastern Orientalism. He chooses the iconography of queenliness by performing in period costumes, aiming to reduce the severe cultural estrangement and identity crisis faced by an Asian male immigrant in a Western land, by revealing a fantasized character that would be accepted and honoured. 

Horror in Pink | 2001

The Pink Man was intended to provoke criticism of the consumerist fever in Thailand that enslaved its people and eventually led to a financial crisis that ended the country?s status as an Asian Tiger economy. Through this work, he intentionally positions the Pink Man - 'a Thai man without a conscience', against the backdrop of the state-controlled narrative of violent incidents across history and introduces them to the current generation, to refresh their memories.

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CPB 2020!
The third edition of CPB will reflect on the exigencies of these times: resisting the onslaught of majoritarian impositions, ecological collapse and technological dystopias by reclaiming diversity and plurality of thought, voices and art. Shifting from purely visible modes of representation, it will probe into the invisible realms of power, knowledge, and resistance that shape our present.

You have a chance to meet two members from the CPB 2020 curatorial team - Arko Datto and Bhooma Padmanabhan on Feb 1 and Feb 2 between 11 am - 1 pm at our booth. Come by and say hello to them!
For folio viewing, please write to [email protected] for prior appointments with the curators. 
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