Forum Art Gallery Residency

Forum Art Gallery Chennai, in association with Chennai Photo Biennale 2019 invited photographers and photo-artists in India to send proposals for lens-based conceptual projects for a month-long residency in Chennai.

Sameer Raichur?s project ?Chariots of Frolic? has been awarded the residency. Sameer will be mentored by noted photo-artist Nandini Valli Muthiah.
Congratulations Sameer!

Sameer Raichur is an independent photographer based in Bangalore, India. Having studied photography at the Hallmark Institute of Photography, Turners Falls, MA he has been recognised by ?Toto Funds the Arts? and by Tasveer as Emerging photographer of the year, 2015. His work has been a part of group exhibitions at An Lanntair Arts Centre ? Stornoway, Scotland; at the Max Mueller Bhavan/Goethe Institut, Bangalore; ?Yuva Karnataka? at the Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Mumbai; Focus Photography Festival in 2015.


About his Project:

?Chariots of frolic? depicts indigenously designed and fabricated wedding chariots found in several of the small towns in Tamil Nadu. The chariots are hired on the night of a wedding reception to have the bride and groom driven around town to announce their betrothal. Apart from making images of these chariots, Samir will be making a short film to contextualize the towns in which these vehicles are used, the people whose livelihoods depend on them and the people who hire them. We are looking forward to seeing this exciting work!

Residency period in Chennai: 15 Jan ? 22 Feb, 2019
Exhibition will open at Forum Art Gallery, Chennai as a collateral showcase on Feb 22 with the launch of Chennai Photo Biennale 2019.

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