Residency Program : Reimagining the Family Portrait | Awardees

With support from the Franco-German Cultural Fund, Chennai Photo Biennale Foundation is excited to share our first residency titled ?Reimagining the Family Portrait? to reflect on the ?Modern Family representation?. This project invites photographers and lens-based artists to reimagine the Family Portrait by establishing the transition from the accepted definition of 'the family' to what it represents today.


Photography Mentor: Martine Fougeron / France | USA

Martine Fougeron is a fine art photographer living and working in New York whose work has been exhibited internationally and is held in major public and private collections. Fougeron?s first monograph Teen Tribe will be published by Steidl in 2015. Fougeron was born in Paris and studied at LFNY, l?Institut d??tudes Politiques de Paris, Wellesley College and the International Center of Photography. She has been living in New York and working as a photographer for the last ten years.

Zine designer-mentor: Markus Dre?en / Germany

Markus Dre?en has been working as a graphic designer in Leipzig since 1999. In 2000, the Spector Working Group was founded. Since 2001 Markus Dre?en is co-editor of the magazine Spector cut + paste. What is Spector? For example, an office, a publisher, the name of a magazine, a network or a temporary restaurant in Leipzig. At the centre of Spector is working on publications in the field of contemporary art.

Multimedia Mentor: 13 Jara Collective / India

13 JARA are individuals drawn together by the idea of rooting a sustainable system of cooperation in different art practices and identities. The number 13, as well as the actual number of people involved each time, is arbitrary, as no collective can be called so without a complex whole of interconnected and transformative acts. 13 JARA is a group of storytellers, photographers, editors, designers and a self-publishing house of photobooks, with the idea of mentoring and supporting each other, sharing opinions and knowledge.

About the awardees:

Abdul Halik Azeez | Colombo, SL

Halik is a visual artist based in Colombo. His approach to image-making embraces the public realms of media and print technology. Jettisoning the materiality of the photograph?s traditional quality within the fine arts, he not only experiments with the definition of form and display but also questions the forms art can take. An abiding quality across his practice is his ability to work with the pedestrian and mundane, making images that tell stories about poetic yet moving instances of the violence and truths of the everyday.

Abhishek Anupam | Mumbai, IND

Born in Eastern India in 1990, Abhishek Anupam is an independent photographer based in Mumbai. In 2015, he completed a Masters Degree (M.A.) in Photography from University for the Creative Arts, Rochester. His work often revolves around the question of belongingness ? either of himself and his practice in photography or others in their everyday lives, both professional and personal. Through his work, he?s interested in exploring photography?s failure at documenting reality and its ironic position within the visual arts as a ?reality? reproducing device.

Ami Gupta | Chennai, IND

Ami Gupta is a photographer from Chennai, who works mainly on portrait based projects. Some of these have been shown during Art Chennai 2014 and Angor Wat Photo festival 2014. 

Her most recent work also includes the extensive documentation of the restoration of the Kamakshi Amman Temple and photography for a coffee table book published in 2018 on the historic ?Temples of Kanchipuram?. 

CK Vijayakumar | Bangalore, IND

Vijayakumar is a Bangalore based photojournalist. Stories of statelessness are his focus at the moment. Besides using photography for documentation, he enjoys the non-narrative abilities of the medium. He loves cricket and his biggest regret is not having played for India. Some of his friends think he is pretentious about art films. 

Nila / Aravani Project | Chennai, IND

A transwoman based in Chennai, Nila was a male by birth. She started to realise her femininity during the early childhood years. After losing her job she met a transwoman, who introduced her to the community. She worked as a beggar and sex worker before she came out to her family. She is now trying to get a grasp of how her life has evolved and help more people like her.

Rujuta Rao | Goa, IND 

Rujuta Rao received her BFA in sculpture from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda in the year 2011. Subsequently, she moved to New York City to pursue her MFA in Fine Arts at Parsons the New School for Design. She presently lives in Goa with her family and a dog named Dopey. Here, she makes images (moving and otherwise), objects, garments and works with sound and writing. She also spends an inordinate amount of time thinking about and engaging with food and film. 

Rupesh Man Singh | Kathmandu, NEP

Rupesh is a recent fine art graduate from the Kathmandu University, School of Arts, Department of Arts and Design. His work emphasizes issues of family relations, archiving family history and the idea of memorialization. In the old black and white prints of his family, he found wider connections to various aspects of our society. Inspired by those images he taught himself the techniques of film photography and that is how he prefers to work along with other archival materials.

Salma Abedin Prithi | Dhaka, BAN

Salma Abedin Prithi?s photographs investigate the vulnerability and psychological struggle of ordinary people. During her graduation in \ photography at Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, she met different people of Dhaka and realized how sensitive and psychological people are, even when they are going through hard physical reality. Prithi is particularly interested in rituals and women?s iconography.

Shahrukh Faquih | Pune, IND

A resident of Pune, Shahrukh is currently pursuing his Masters in Photography Design at the National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar. An artist with formal education in design, his work revolves around retrospective documentation of dilapidated and ruined spaces. Apart from this, he is currently working towards a new body of work addressing identity involving gender and sexuality. He likes to explore photography as a medium to discuss various social norms and has a keen eye for the mundane and the ordinary. With a simple and minimalistic approach, he tends to paint chaotic images with ease. 

Srota Dutta Acharya | Kolkata, IND

An alumna of Visva-Bharati and a Fulbright fellow stared her career as a journalist. In 2014 quitting her job she started to research independently on photographs of prospective brides of the black and white analogue era. In 2017, collaborating with Hamdasti, funded by IFA, participated as a fellow for one year which concluded in the second edition of Chitpur Local named Tales of Chitpur. In 2019, with focus on the same subject participated ar Gender Bender 2019 organised by Sandboxcollective and Goethe Institute/Max Mueller Bhavan. Currently Bolla ota ring with two eminent artists in a project minded by Khoj Delhi. 

Swasti Bharti | Chennai, IND

Swasti is an artist based out of too many places. Her work pirouettes around topics that affect marginalized communities from both a modern and archival viewpoint. She uses photography to tell stories that have a marked candour to it while trying to guide the observer along the journey that the impacted person takes. Her most recent work reflects the surrogacy story in India whereas some others use

an archival method as reflected in her projects Raison d??tat and Amma. A graduate from the National Institute of Design, she attended Hochschule f?r Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig for an exchange program with Goethe Institute scholarship. 

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